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Germany mold industry to visit my district mold

DATE TIME :2016-05-30
The afternoon of February 24th, a number of guests to Huangyan. German Mold Industry Association, President of Seul Thomas with a dozen German local mold enterprises in charge, made a special trip to Huangyan to investigate.
24 at 3 pm, on sat 12 hours flight from Germany to Shanghai. After the plane, a pedestrian only in a hurry to rest for 2 hours, went straight to the town of Huangyan intelligent mold.
In less than a day's time, Seul Thomas a pedestrian focus on the Taizhou fine super force Molding Co., Ltd., and with the person in charge of the enterprise. Taizhou super power company is the leading enterprise of China's automobile industry, and the Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and other high-end auto manufacturing enterprises in Germany have more than ten years of history of cooperation.
At the forum, Seul Thomas focuses on the status of the German mold industry, as well as mold talent training.
He introduced, Germany 80% of the number of mold enterprises in the number of 20 people. Germany mold enterprises with small, fine, highly automated features, this is not the same as China's large-scale mold enterprises.
"We come to China this time, is dedicated to the understanding of the development of China's mold industry." Investigation, Seul Thomas accepted the reporter's interview. He said that in recent years, China's mold industry growth is very fast, more and more refined, causing their attention.
After the meeting, the delegation went to Zhejiang to visit the company's sincere mold.
4 in the afternoon after the visit, the delegation also went to the non-stop Shenzhen. In February 25th, they will fly back to Germany from Hongkong.
"The German mold industry association chose to visit our business, we feel very honored." Taizhou super power company manager Lin Guogui said that the German mold industry in the world is in a leading position in the world, the design process, the quality of the mold is very high.
He said that in the global high-end mold manufacturing enterprises, cooperation is far greater than the competition. This investigation, the German mold enterprises are also looking for the possibility of cooperation with the Chinese mold enterprises in the future.