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Smart mold town of over 1 billion yuan investment in 2015

DATE TIME :2016-05-30
It is at the end of the year ending. Recently, the author from the district office was informed that the smart mold small town in 2015 to achieve a total investment of RMB billion, the successful completion of the annual target.
Small space load pattern of development, small and beautiful appearance, contributed to the economy under the new normal vectors of development characteristic town D-Will, through the town and promote industrial agglomeration and innovation and upgrading. Mold town, relying on the mold metro, there is a massive economic and industrial characteristics of the foundation, in recent years has been settled in more than 30 enterprises, the outlook is encouraging. 3 years to complete the investment 5 billion, completed in 2015 1 billion has become an important task for the manufacture of small town.
But for the first time reported in the first three quarters of 2015 statistics show that the mold town completed less than 400 million yuan investment. Followed by the province's characteristics of the town, than learning to catch up the first meeting of the scene to promote the meeting, the mold is significantly lagging behind the town's investment. One side is the project buildings, while the investment figures did not come. Therefore, I zone developed feature of the town planning and construction of statistical monitoring system, monitoring responsibility for the implementation of the statistics, statistical monitoring behavior norms; on the other hand, require the owners according to project the image of progress, according to data reported solid enough and the owners within the scope of the town were completely clear check, collect license, perfect ledger, tracking data for out a number of according to lay a solid foundation. In addition, the Economic Development Zone on the municipal, road and other small town infrastructure to increase investment in construction.
According to statistics, as of the end of 11, the town has reached $investment, compared with the previous 3 quarters of a significant increase. In December new investment 272 million yuan, done in one vigorous effort, will eventually freeze annual investment in 1 billion 167 million yuan.