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China Die & mold industry sustainable development seminar held in Huangyan

DATE TIME :2016-05-30
On the afternoon of November 4, by the China Die & Mould Industry Association, Zhejiang Province, die & Mold Industry Federation, Huangyan District People's Government hosted, Taizhou City Mold Industry Association, Huangyan mold industry association hosted the China Die & mold industry sustainable development seminar in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province held. Meeting by the China Mold Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Qin Ke presided over. China Die & Mould Industry Association executive vice president and Secretary General of the Long Wu Bing, Huangyan District Party committee Cai Liming, Huangyan District People's government deputy mayor Yong Fang Zhu and other leaders attended the seminar, including more than 100 people in the local mould association secretary general, Zhejiang Province around the mold business representatives, together China mold town - Huangyan.
Meeting, Huangyan District Party committee Cai Liming as the "actively implement the Zhejiang characteristic industrial town construction strategy, promotion of Huangyan mold industry transformation and upgrading" speech, to the participants on the Huangyan mold industry development status and Huangyan high-end intelligent mold town planning and construction.
Two from the University of mold industry experts Huazhong University of Science and Technology molding materials and Mould Technology State Key Laboratory of Zhengzhou University professor Li Jianjun, director of plastic mould National Engineering Research Center director Professor Liu Chuntai respectively made the theme of "Internet plus manufacturing" the main push China mold industry "from big to strong", "engineering plastics and composite lightweight application and mould technology" report.
Newly elected for the mold industry in Zhejiang Province Association Deputy Secretary General Han Changmao as the entitled "on accelerating the mould construction of strong understanding and thinking", and we explore together in the province, die & mold industry after the establishment of the Federation and how to lead and inspire the faster and better development of mold enterprise in Zhejiang Province, how to enhance the overall level of mold industry in Zhejiang Province, will become the construction of Zhejiang Province mold.
Finally, two great development potential of the company Zhejiang Taoshi Software Technology Co., Ltd, Taizhou Huangyan precision mould Fittings Co., Ltd. their own experiences, and participants share the development course of the company, through the perspective of software mold, mold parts to explore development of die and mould industry.
Seminar in a warm and peaceful atmosphere in the successful completion of the agenda, a complete success, the participating companies are said to benefit a lot.